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Pirates Off the Coast of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – It was around 1 am on October 9th when warning screams went out to the fishermen of Pochote Port, in Nicoya. Another robbery had occurred.

pirates costa rica 1This and other nearby areas, such as Costa de Pájaros, Isla de Chira and Colorado, have been under pirate attacks for quite some time.

The man robbed on the 9th had already been robbed before. Twice in seven months, his motor was stolen. Heavily armed men gagged the guard and sole the engine, which the man bought to replace the first stolen one with a loan he has yet to pay.

Dozens of fishermen on the Gulf of Nicoya have suffered attacks, with not one arrest or suspect to date. One man was tied up and kidnapped but escaped.

The latest attacks robbed five engines, two pangas and four gillnets.

The Judicial Investigation Organization is looking into this ongoing problem, but there is not much research on the issue or many official reports.

The state seems to have greatly abandoned these coastal areas. With high unemployment, people are forced into illegal acts.

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