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Pirates, Buried Treasure & Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s history as the rich coast goes back way before its name was granted. Historians estimate that billions of dollars in treasures were hidden on Coco’s Island back in the 19th century. This jungle covered tropical forest has been a perfect place to hide treasure because of its size, density and location.

costa rica cocos island buried treasure 1costa rica cocos island buried treasure 1costa rica cocos island buried treasure 1costa rica cocos island buried treasure 1The first pirate known to use Coco’s Island was a British pirate, Captain Edward Davis. Known as a “gentleman pirate,” he operated with royal approval and made a profit from 1683 to 1702. In the early 19th century, Benito Bonito from Portugal also used Coco’s Island to hide his treasure. Some estimate his loot to have been around $300 million, at today’s prices.

Another famous treasure hidden was from Lima. Lots of gold, silver and church pieces, including a gem-encrusted gold statue of the Virgin Mary, were sent to Mexico by boat in order to keep it away from the rebel army. William Thompson, a Scottish merchant ship captain was entrusted with the loot in 1821 for this mission, however other accounts explain that he never got to Mexico. Historians believe that he and his crew killed the guards escorting the treasure and set sail for Coco’s Island where they hid it all, planning to return later when no one remembered the incident. Later they were caught and taken back to the island to recover the treasure, but they escaped in the jungle. Neither the crew nor the treasure was ever seen again. If it was found, it was kept quiet! Or maybe it’s still there.

Over the years, the island has been a magnet for treasure hunters, and no one is really sure how much has been recovered. Since Coco’s Island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, treasure hunting is forbidden and how much is still hidden will forever remain a mystery.

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