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Pineapples from Mexico or Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – With production on Costa Rica’s pineapples dipping, demand for Mexico’s fruit is in high demand.

“Right now we have volume at both our Texas and California distribution centers. From what I understand production in Costa Rica came off a little bit so that helps the Mexican pineapple,” said Darwin Dodd of Chula Brand. “We’re getting really nice quality pineapple; very nice color and very high in Brix.” Growers in the Veracruz region are benefitting from low supply elsewhere and it’s getting to the end user three to five days after harvest. “It’s nice and fresh,” he said.

Demand for Mexican Pineapples is Up
Darwin says it’s a fantastic pineapple – sweet and has low acidity. “Even though Costa Rican pines are famous for being the best, I think ours are competing very well. When Costa Rican pineapple is doing well, Chula Brand stays out of Costa Rica’s markets, but at other times when it’s lower the company steps in and supplies fruit.
“Fortunately we have a good market in the West Coast, Texas and outside the State here in the south.” Demand has risen for Mexico’s pineapples recently. “Right now we’re doing very well. All of our (newer) customers that have taken product for last month and a half all keep coming back for more.”
Darwin says his prices stand at $11 on 5, 6 and 7 counts; $10 on 8s,and $9 on 4s.
By Rebecca D Dumais,

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