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Piel Dorada – The Most Beautiful Latina?

Costa Rica News – If you have a day or two off this week, or you are vacationing in Costa Rica and want to take in the visions of beautiful latina women, then head to San Carlos.  A range of beautiful women were presented Monday night to the press at the Studio Hotel, to kick off the twelfth edition of the beauty contest Piel Dorada.

piel dorada 2013 1In total 19 girls, 12 Costa Rican and seven foreign and competing for two prizes of $ 3,000 (¢ 1,500,000) which are divided into two categories. One of the resulting winner as best foreign, and one as the best Costa Rican.

The girls will be located until Saturday (day of the final) at the Hotel El Tucano in San Carlos to compete for the title.

The international candidates are: Gabriela Asturias of Guatemala (Miss Guatemala  participated in 2010 and has five international competitions on her resume), Illiam Mejia of Mexico, Valeria Villacis of Ecuador, Panama Astrid Mendoza, Argentina Susel Jacket, Nicaragua Meyling Guerrero and Lorena Hessen of Peru.

The Costa Ricans are: Nicole Carboni (cover SoHo this month), Helen Herrera (sister of model Karen Herrera), Adriana Chavarria (Miss Petit Tourism Guatemala), Marianela Valverde (girl SoHo and Maxim), Natalia Prado ( Reef second in 2012), Alejandra Bermudez, Gabriela Mendez, Pamela Soto, Jennifer Salazar, Bianca Quesada (model Rumba), Sharon Vargas, and Maria Fernanda Jimenez.

President Ernesto Ruiz contest said why they took the summer contest to a mountain hotel.

“We have been conducting a Piel Dorada beach hotel concept, but we have related more to the nature theme.San Carlos found it ideal for locations that presents spectacular natural beauty, discovered many scenarios of photos like a giant spa area, a zoo, and all locations will serve, “said Ruiz.

So come out and see the contest…you know the losers might be sad enough and rejected enough to need a shoulder to cry on.

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