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Picking the Best Spot for You To Retire in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Retirement – It is true that Costa Rica is a small country but when it comes to adventures you will have and beautiful places you can visit, this tropical paradise is in par with other nations that encompass huge land areas.

nosara costa rica 1Costa Rica is a peaceful nation that is politically and economically stable with a wonderful wealth of wildlife and a well-protected natural environment. Citizens are enjoying low cost of living yet still take advantage of high-quality medical care. Another noteworthy advantage of living in this country is that you can lead a stress-free life by practicing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle.

In my quest to find the best retirement place, I travelled to different regions and towns of Costa Rica including those that are under the radar spots. Amongst the numerous great retiree destination towns, villages and cities I have gone to I picked out 3 spots that best appealed to me.

Best Beach Town

There are many popular beach towns in Costa Rica because of their pristine and favorable surfing waters, numerous shops and restaurants, unending activities day in and day out, and of course the wild and fun-filled nightlife they offer.

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During my travel I came across Nosara, on the Nicoya Peninsula and I say it is the best beach town in all of Costa Rica. It has a relaxed and untroubled vibe mixed with lots of high level amenities in a rather remote location, a good balance between extremes. It is an emerging tourist destination and more and more people are joining the regular yoga and surfing enthusiasts who have been frequenting the place. Also, although there are quite a number of restaurants offering varying world-class cuisine you will not find any high-rise hotels or buildings in the area because it is a wildlife refuge dedicated to protecting nestling sea turtles.

When it comes to real estate you can find a two-bedroom condo near the beach for just $220,000 and for $225,000 you can purchase a three-bedroom home or a quarter acre land property with a pool and a quick walk from the beach.   

Fascinating Rural Community

If you are looking for a quiet life and at the same time enjoy constant communication with a close-knit expat community then Lake Arenal is your best bet.

It is a 33 square-mile lake encompassed by a narrow two-lane road that passes by different cafés, shops, restaurants and art galleries. A small village called Nuevo Arenal is where most expat life activities happen. In there you can find an active and bustling expat community who usually hold dinner parties and club activities. The weather in Lake Arenal is mild all year round and the lake views are unspoiled and truly magnificent.

Real Estate in this area is incredibly affordable. A three-bedroom house would only cost you $119,000 or rent a fully-furnished home for just $450 per month.  

Mountain Life

The Central Valley is a mountainous region in the middle of Costa Rica and is currently the most popular region among tourists and expats because of the temperate climate the entire year which is between 65F to 85F. On top of that it is close Juan Santamaria International Airport and has easy access to transportation routes to get to other towns and regions.

In Central Valley you can enjoy the best dental and medical facilities and services the country has to offer. Delight in the fact that they have this place is where you can get the best shopping experience, great amenities and terrific services.

In all of Central Valley, I like Atenas the most. It is a farm town with a lovely central park ringed by delightful cafés, restaurants and shops. Furthermore, the expat community in this town is very active so you can definitely gain new friends and start enjoying your hobbies with them.

Real Estate is pretty reasonable. You can find a three-bedroom house that is surrounded by a fruit garden with a separate guest house for just $110,000 or rent a furnished two-bedroom home for only $725 per month.

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