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Photography of the National Theater in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The National Theater of Costa Rica was built starting in 1891 and will turn 120 on October 19th.

The photographer Adela Marin was chosen from among a dozen artists to photograph all parts of the Theater, inside and out.

This was an ambitious undertaking. Marin spent a lot of time getting to know the public and private parts of the building.

A photo exhibition of her work details the nooks of the building flooded with details from head to toe.

Various views of the architectural gem are seen, including close ups and a view of the whole building taken from inside a neighboring building’s window.

There are also photos that depict the photography process and journey.

The visual wealth added up to about 4,000 images. Some were taken from on scaffolds with the photographer and assistants in harnesses. Some of them feature advanced techniques. A small selection of the work is exhibited in the Gallery of the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

You can visit from 7 am to 8:30 pm.

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