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Photographer Captures Essense of CR Frog

Costa Rica News – With neon fingers and bulging blood orange eyes, the red-eyed tree frog is hard to miss, even in the dense jungle of Costa Rica.  But this adventurous frog has made sure he stands out as he used his bulbous fingers and toes to grip onto a photographer’s camera, iPad and beer bottle

Nicholas Reusens costa rica photography 1In an unusual meeting of nature and technology, the curious tree frog, or agalychnis callidryas, struck a pose on top of wildlife photographer Nicholas Reusens’ Canon camera.

The 37-year-old Spanish photographer spotted the amphibian in the Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. He said: ‘It’s always a joy to witness such amazing creatures of nature.

‘Each time I see them I feel like I need to go back to Costa Rica.

‘I really miss the natural atmosphere one can feel there, a mix of peace and wilderness, something special that attracts me to go back to this land again and again.

‘I thought it was amusing when the one frog hopped onto the camera.’

The tree frogs have red eyes with vertically narrowed pupils, vibrant green bodies with yellow and blue striped sides.

The vibrantly coloured frogs are found in Costa Rica as well as tropics in Central America and northern South America.

They spend most of their time off the ground and living in the canopy and can be distinguished from other species by its well-developed discs at the finger and toe tips.

They are carnivorous and eat crickets, moths, flies, and other insects – and have been known to eat other small frogs.

But the frogs only hunt at night, spending most of the day camouflaged, even closing their eye lids to stop any predators spotting them.

 By SARA SMYTH, All Pictures are from Nicholas Reusens (

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