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Pet Adoption Presented by UCR This Weekend in Heredia

Costa Rica News – Are you looking to find your new furry best friend? This weekend presents you the perfect opportunity to bring a new family member home as well as get your pet and yourself checked out.

adopt a pet costa ricaThe National University in Heredia is offering you a new best friend, a cat or dog.

From Saturday to Sunday the university is inviting the public from 9-4 to meet some loveable animals.

All of the animals have been neutered and dewormed. They are ready to be adopted by you and your family.

The event will also include animal health briefings, providing guidance on pet care.

You may also bring your pets in for clinical assessments that range in price from ¢3,000 to ¢12,000. These include ultrasound, blood count, kidney and stool tests and skin scrapings to detect ticks.

Humans can also have their health checked at this event.

There will be free tests to check motor development for children aged 5-9, height, weight and body fat checks, and an exercise to treat osteoporosis. Stress tests are available at a reduced rate.

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