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Paul Chaplet Wins Pairs Golf Tournament in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Paul Chaplet and Charles Van Slyck are the national champions as golfing partners.

The contest for pairs was held at the Costa Rica Country Club. They took home trophies of champions in pair.

Paul Chaplet has collected many trophies throughout his career. He almost missed out on this one, as he was not planning to enter the competition. When 14 year old Van Slyck asked him to be his partner he thought of it as a great way to share his experience.

He focused on learning and teaching throughout the tournament and later said that he was very proud of Charles. Charles said it was his dream to play with Paul, one of the country’s best players, and to get advice from him was out of this world.

Charles loved playing with Paul. He had a great shot despite his neck pain. It was his first win so he was a little in shock.

They finished the three days with 294 strokes, winning by one.

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