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Parque Viva To Open in Costa Rica April 11th

Costa Rica News –  Parque Viva is the first multiple park entertainment center in all of Central America.

It was created around the old racetrack La Guácima and is to open its doors for the first time on April 11.

There are 25,000 square meters of high rise buildings, an amphitheater, event center, track and beautiful new landscaping.

The sound and lighting equipment is of high quality for the best shows.

The complete details of the opening show haven’t been revealed yet but we know it will be held in the amphitheater for 16,000 people and will feature a concert by a national group.

Soon after that the international concerts and family activities will begin.

Indoor and outdoor markets will be held as well. At some events, a VIP club will be available with a private bar, kitchen and bathrooms.

Parque Viva costa rica 1


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