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Parque Viva in Costa Rica Soon to be a Reality

Costa Rica News  – Parque Viva was open to the press yesterday. This park is a transformation of the old racetrack in Guácima, Alajuela. It’s new purpose is as an entertainment venue that will promote culture and sports for the whole greater metropolitan area.

Parque Viva Alajuela 1In 1974 the area was used for Central America’s largest motorcycling event. Now it’s being converted into a field and complex for everything from sports to business.

The amphitheater will be able to hold 16,000, some sitting and some standing. They will hold fairs and competitions there. The local and international entertainment industry is going crazy over the immense space for concerts and the like.

Bliss Entertainment is the park’s administrator. They will work on management, food sales and production of activities. They seek to make the park the best entertainment venue in the country.

There will be a track for running and cycling, a plaza, food and beverage options, a giant parking lot (for 6,000), reforested areas and specialized sound towers to maximize the quality of sound resonance in the amphitheater. This facility will have backstage production offices and dressing rooms and backup generators strong enough to power the whole park.

The park’s been under construction for three months so far and should open by March or April. Conventions, fairs, expos and corporate meetings are already being planned for the location.


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