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Park Like An Ass in Costa Rica; Lose Your Plates

Costa Rica News – The Traffic Police found 113 badly parked cars in just a week. The officers are now able to fine the drivers even in their absence. They can also remove the plates.

This was the fate of the 113 found since the reform of the traffic law.

The director of this police force, Mario Calderon, reported that the reform will allow them to attack this problem that had fallen through the cracks before.

Cars are routinely parked in the middle of the street, blocking driveways, on bike paths, etc.

The economic penalty for leaving a vehicle badly parked or in a prohibited spot is ¢51,316. The reform to the Traffic Law specifies examples such as parking in front of a fire hydrant, obstructing a garage, on a sidewalk or in a yellow line zone.

Depending on the case, the plates can be removed and the vehicle may also be removed.

Drivers will have to spend about 4 days in administrative procedures to get the plates back, during which they cannot drive.

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