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Parachuting in Costa Rica; 2017 Vertical Challenge Boogie

Costa Rica Events – Tambor is going to be transformed into a party in the sky with over 150 parachutists from around the world who will come to offer a show.

They will form star formations in the air.

So get to Playa Tambor in Puntarenas for February 11th or 20th to enjoy this very different performance.

They will parachute at noon both days. It’s a not to be missed event.

The show is part of the 2017 Vertical Challenge Boogie event organized by the Costa Rican Skydiving Vertical Challenge.

Paratroopers will be there from Dubai, Germany, Canada, France, the United States and Brazil.

The group in Costa Rica has less than 40 members, 8 of whom will represent the country in this event. The jumps will take place at 13,000 feet and will allow about 60 seconds of free fall before the parachutes open.

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