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Panamanians Build Road Ditches to Prevent Passage

The Panamanians are trying to prevent the high prices, stupidity and corruption in Costa Rica from crossing over into their country. (A little sarcasm) The problems to transit different steps of the Costa Rica-Panama border are continuing. The Civic Committee of Paso Canoas and some neighbors complained that the Panamanian police opened a trench where they passed to carry out various activities during the day.

“We are tired of this situation, first rails laid in chains, then huge stones and now make trenches across the boundary line.

“For us this step is important for trade-related activities,” said Paul Valle, president of the Civic Committee of Paso Canoas.

Yesterday in the evening the neighbors decided to fill the trenches with sand and rocks to restore the passage.

“We have received the cooperation of neighbors, transporters and traders to buy materials and pay the cars are going to use,” said Valle.

In addition, a meeting filed with the Mayor and City Council of Realtors, Residential, to try to find a solution.

A neighbor, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisals, said the Panamanian State Border Service (Senafron) is invading the territory of Costa Rica.

“They are violating our sovereignty, and they are doing the trench as they please and there is nothing marked.

“When it rains and ditches filled with water, we will have a mosquito problem,” he said.

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