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Paid Vacations MOPT Officials for Driver’s License Fraud

Costa Rica News – Where do I sign up to work for the Costa Rican government? You can do what ever you want and if you do anything corrupt and get caught you get to keep your job and take 3 months off with pay. This holds true fro police soliciting bribes, and now lets throw in MOPT officials giving out fake drivers licences. 

Judge Monica Salas, suspended with pay the two MOPT officials arrested because apparently they belong to an organization that committed the alleged driving license fraud. This sentence applies for three months. Awesome, way to go CR!!! lol

This was confirmed by the press office of the Supreme Court, which made this decision during the hearing that was held yesterday in the Criminal Court of the Treasury, in San Jose.

In addition, the judge said the men, surnamed Alpizar and Lopez, must be watched and set precautionary measures such as signing a judicial office every 15 days, not to approach witnesses or the offices of the Road Safety Council (Cosevi), and stay home and not go out the country. These provisions also apply for three months.

The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrested two subjects on Wednesday at the Department of Licensing Driver Education Directorate in the Uruca, San Jose.

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