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Pacquiao Vs Mayweather or Enrique Iglesias; Quite the Decision this Weekend in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – I know that I will be settling in at a local watering hole in Jaco this weekend to take in the “Fight of the Century”, Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather.  Other’s however will be headed to see Enrique pay a visit to Costa Rica. 

enrique igelsias costa rica concert  1Enrique Iglesias is a name everyone knows. When you hear it do you think of the first time we all saw him with straight long hair and the iconic mole on his cheek or the new post-surgery look he sports with a cap over short hair and no mole to be found?

This year he is celebrating two full decades in the music industry, and what a ride it has been. He is come along way, sang alongside many artists in both English and Spanish, and left a lasting legacy with his dance moves.

His song “Bailando” has been viewed on YouTube over 840 million times. He has had 26 number one songs on the Latin Billboard Listings. He prides himself on the variety in his songs and rhythms.  He has always enjoyed getting out of his comfort zone.

He said that he would not have believed in 1996 that in 2015 he would still be singing. His secret to success has been keeping his feet on the ground and learning something new every day.

On May 2nd he will be back in Costa Rica after 7 years of absence. He will give a concert at the new Parque Viva.

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