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Paby – Safely Keep An Eye On Your Pets At All Times

Whether you are travelling abroad to Costa Rica or to your office, you always want to know that your furry parts of your family are safe.

For dog and cat owners alike the most important thing is keeping ensuring that when you arrive at home they are going to waiting for you to give you the unconditional love they all provide. It’s easier now, thanks to my new favorite product, Paby. It’s a wireless smart pet tracker.

We all want our pets to have the freedom they deserve but let’s be honest, our hearts sink when they stay out longer than normal.

Paby lets us know where our pets are based on advanced 3G GPS and location based services. It gives real-time updates that is accurate to track our pets no matter how far they roam. All that’s needed is for the owner to have a wifi connection. The device for the pets is on a durable band that fits on any sized collar.

The owners can set virtual fences using smartphones. This means they’ll get real time alerts when the pets leave the designated zone. Other features allow the owner to monitor the pet’s number of steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and the intensity of their playtime.

To get Paby, check it out at It’s just $79.99. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your pet’s personality. Each device is waterproof and has an RGB LED flashing light for pet safety as well as a speaker to alert the user when their pet is nearby.

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