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Overtime at Recope Is Worth the Extra Hours

Costa Rica News – I think we can factor this into the high gas prices in Costa Rica.  But do not worry nothing will change anytime soon.

recope costa ricaRecope, the Costa Rican Oil Refinery, paid one of its drivers ¢1.5 million in overtime last April. This made the driver a total salary of ¢2.8 million in just one month. In March and May he made ¢2 million.

This is surprising because his base salary is just ¢316,000, meaning that his overtime for the month is double his ordinary pay. The overtime pay costs the company an average of ¢6,756 per hour.

Some drivers worked overtime 7 days a week throughout April. They worked up to 15 hours a day and took home nearly $3,000. Seniority also plays a part in their salaries because the base salary is raised for each year worked with the company.

Incentives such as overtime, seniority and bonuses typically account for 44.22% of the amount Recope pays its employees.

The overtime is rationalized because of emergencies in the Caribbean which required rebuilding pipeline.


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