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Over 200,000 Unemployed in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – If you currently have employment you may want to stick at your job no matter how much you might dislike it.  There are many that would happily take your position.

costa rica unemployment 1The unemployment rate for the first quarter of 2016 was 9.5%, that is to say the indicator is stagnant, with no significant changes compared to previous months.

In this regard, the government has failed to increase employment.

In March 2016 there were 209,000 people in the country out of work.

The numbers break down to 95,000 women and 114,000 men, according to the data by the Continuous Employment Survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).

The results also indicates a lowered labour market participation, that is people are not actively looking for work.

The labor force in the country is made up of 1.48 million workers in urban areas and 515.000 in rural areas.

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