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Osteoporosis Detection by Dentistry

Health News –  Some dentists at Manchester University have created a new technology which can discover those at risk from osteoporosis by looking at scans of teeth many years before the disease develops.

Osteoporosis Detection by DentistryOsteoporosis is an ailment in which the density of bones is reduced, making them fragile and more likely to break.

Up to now, there has been no technique of predicting if a person is at risk of the bone-thinning disease, with diagnoses only being made after a bone breaks.

A study now shows that bone worsening in the jaw – which is normally X-rayed before dental treatment – can divulge if bone worsening is occurring in  other parts of the body also.

On the back of this study, dentists have developed software called Osteodent that can instantly measure an individual’s threat of osteoporosis, which then warns the patient to whether they need to be referred to a specialist for further investigation.

Software such as Osteodent could save lives and, with early diagnosis and treatment, including preventive therapy, this could save millions of dollars in osteoporosis treatments for Costa Ricans down the line also.

Osteodent is in its early stages of use but you should ask your dentist in Costa Rica about it soon.

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