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Oscar Winner Leads Costa Rica’s International Arts Festival

Costa Rica News – Celebrating almost 30 years of music and arts, Costa Rica is hosting dozens of acts from around world at its 28th International Arts Festival, FIA.

The line-up kicks off with a performance by the Argentine musician and composer Gustavo Santaolalla.

The two-time Oscar winner picked up Academy Awards in the Best Original Score category for “Brokeback Mountain” in 2005 and “Babel” in 2006.

Festival curator Octavio Arbelaez says “Santaolalla is music: he has 15 Latin Grammy Awards, a Bafta Award, a Golden Globe, Oscars and hundreds of albums produced and recorded. He means the contemporaneity of music”.

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Culture and Youth says Santaolalla will be accompanied by more than 140 artists from the Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Youth Choir of the National Institute of Music and the American choir The Oberlin Choristers by Jennifer Call during his performance.

The International Festival of Arts began as a cultural project in 1989 but has grown over the years.

Attracting domestic and international acts, it stands out as the largest cultural and artistic event in Costa Rica.

Among the 154 shows, musicians will pay tribute to every genre with concerts of reggae, rock, cumbia, trova, salsa appearing in the extensive line-up.

During the coming days, other artists will demonstrate their talents in acrobatic acts, dance recitals and theater.

FIA directors have booked 41 world renowned stage, dance and circus shows.

The festival’s mission is to “promote, disseminate, strengthen and promote Costa Rican artistic production as a development activity, through the organization of national and international multidisciplinary, open and democratic festivals.”

The nation’s arts center said it aims to bring artists together, providing a space for them to grow and develop their skills as well as produce quality events with diverse entertainment.


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