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Organic Fairs (Farmers Markets) in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Green or organic fairs are becoming an important part of Costa Rican culture. More and more people, for one reason or another, are searching for organic health foods, possibly for health reasons or to help the environment.

organic fair farmers market costa rica 1There are now eight of these fairs weekly in the country, in addition to some organic producers found in the mix at the normal markets. Visitors claim to enjoy the contact with the producers which guarantee that what they get is healthy.

To see at Map of these organic fairs click here.

Some farmers and producers even offer visitors tours of their facilities to learn more about the processes. Some use unique system like directing rainwater to irrigate crops effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock regularly inspects farms and products to certify them if truly organic.

At these fairs, in addition to organic fruits and vegetables, one can buy breads, jams, spices, and artisanal seasonal fish that are caught responsibly and in a way that takes advantage of the season and allows species to recover.

Families with kids and pets are often seen purchasing a healthy meal or having a picnic at these events.

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