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Open Future Program to Begin in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There’s a new technology aimed at the business community. It will allow Costa Ricans to develop impressive projects with strategic partners around the world. It’s called the Open Future program.

running businessmanIt’s brought to us because of an agreement signed between Telefonica, Movistar, the Ministries of Science, Technology, and Telecommunications and the Economy, and Industry and Commerce (Micitt and MEIC).

Open Future will help entrepreneurship-minded people find partners in innovation.

The platform is currently only available in Spain, in Andalusia and Galicia, and in Ecuador. Costa Rica will be the second Latin American country and the third worldwide country to have access to it.

There will be two tools, one is an online technology platform to exchange information and the other is a physical space for crowdworking, in which every Costa Rican with an idea can participate with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and members with similar goals from around the world. In this way, those working on the same thing can consolidate. In addition, technology-based ventures can partner with governments, the private sector, and academia.

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