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Only in Costa Rica for Week of Nov 19th

These are funny photos taken around Costa Rica, please enjoy a few laughs. Some of the things that happen in Costa Rica Never cease to amaze us at The Costa Rican Times.

Let’s Have a Spelling Bee!!!

How they Marinate Steak in Costa Ricah

Fill The Pothole? Nah, Let’s Line Over It

Do Not Line The Road Drunk….Ooops!

Costa Rica Water Cooler

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One Comment;

  1. Joe de Tambor said:

    Et muste abmited hour spellng es no muy bueno, puedo wi traye! And, señores, don’t be so hard by thinking there is humor in the lack of resources as compared with rich countries. The U.S.A., or maybe China, sent a good line painter machine but they forgot to include the part that makes the line straight. The best is done with what is available. When you are in the U.S.A. you learn what “seconds” are: they are products that are on sale for a cheap price because there is a minor blemish or fault that does not affect the performance too bad. Well…they send us their “thirds.” And as far as the quality of what we get from China, well…..

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