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Only in Costa Rica for Week of June 10th

These are funny photos taken around Costa Rica, please enjoy a few laughs.

What Should We Name our Meat Store?….I Think “Pet Meat” Would be a Good Name

Who is Carrying Whom?

Tico Architecture, No Access to the Balcony and no Ramp for the Garage 

Might Want to Use a Spell Check..Shoop…Beuty…Saloom?

Oh No do not Take Fluffy Here….Pets Shot!!!!

Tico Suicide Door?

Descriptive Costa Rica Sign

Thousands of Costa Ricans Applied (I Need an Employee that Sleeps at Work)

Church….Prayer Book in One Hand, Bottle of Alcohol in the Pew Beside You….Thanks God

Probably a Sign that the Potholes Need to Be Fixed

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