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Only in Costa Rica for Week of Dec 3rd

These are funny photos taken around Costa Rica, please enjoy a few laughs. Some of the things that happen in Costa Rica Never cease to amaze us at The Costa Rican Times.

Costa Rica Marchamo Pack Rat

Horse Rider Handicap Parking

Damn That Car is Phat!

Costa Rica Moving Company

Costa Rica Hybrid the Fiat/Hyundai


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  1. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Hah, hah, do know it’s illegal to paper your car windows but then again this is CR, and that car pyramid is almost as bad as Mitt’s carrying his dog on the car’s roof, only that it doesn’t entail animal abuse. One last silly thing (that has been done away with), automobiles used to be registered using their engine numbers rather than chassis number, what would happen if you should replace your engine? A Federal case for sure, lol

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