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Only in Costa Rica for Week of Aug 27th

These are funny photos taken around Costa Rica, please enjoy a few laughs. Some of the things that happen in Costa Rica Never cease to amaze us at The Costa Rican Times.

Water Bottle is Plan B

Costa Rica Windsheild Wiper Fix

Talk About Import Taxes $2.79 (1395 colones) Increased to $8.59 (4295 colones)

Now entering Numer 12, I mean 21, or 15, wait 51….Shit…Now Entering…Juan

I Do Not Think it is Dangerous, Lets Go Ahead

Enjoy Better Internet Velocity for A Larger Price, Great Promo, It Hooked Me

Reduced from 244 Colones to 244 Colones….YAY!!!

Costa Rican Making Sure His $4 Rims are Not Stolen

Costa Rica Carpool

A7 am to 87 pm, And if We are Hungry at 88 pm?

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One Comment;

  1. Evan said:

    Very funny. How about putting up a picture of AYA fixing some water project? You will see one guy working and the rest sitting around smoking cigarettes.

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