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Only 59 Degrees in Costa Rica Meet International Standards

Costa Rica News – 1,605 majors are offered by the 59 universities in Costa Rica, however, only 139 have the seal of quality which means that they meet international standards.

This seal of approval is given by the National System of Accreditation of Higher Education (Sinaes).

There are 54 private Universities and five public ones.

Those that often stand out are UCR, UNA, Universidad Latina and Universidad para la Paz as the ones with the most certified career paths.

Currently, only 21 universities belong to Sinaes, according to Gilberto Alfaro, executive director of the organization, who also explained that accrediting careers is a decision voluntarily made by university authorities.

Universities wanting to be accredited must meet high standards.

Belonging to the system and accrediting majors is an expensive choice.

It does, however, give their university a foot up among the others and the students who go there have quality education and when they graduate have an advantage in getting jobs.

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