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OIJ Breaks Up Band of Thieves in Puntarenas

Puntaeras, Costa Rica – The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrested  a band of thieves who used to rob delivery trucks, retail businesses and pedestrians Wednesday morning.  The raid took place in Esparza and the neighborhoods Juanito Mora and El Progreso de Barranca today at 6 am.

After raiding five homes, the three suspects were arrested by OIJ, identified as Jeans Murillo, 30, Fonseca Montero, 23, and Calderon Manzanares, 28 years old.

The authorities failed to arrest another four suspects, who are on the run and have arrest warrants for the same crimes.

“The gang  was operating in various sectors and raids were to arrest members of the gang dedicated to the assaults, on both stores as delivery trucks and pedestrians,” said Randall Picado, regional director of the security forces in Puntarenas. “This band performed the crimes with extreme violence and with guns, but they did not use vehicles but instead bikiesto mislead the police,” he said.

The suspects were linked to an assault on the Farmacia Fischel of Puntarenas, in which they stole ¢ 2 million. They are also associated with delivery truck robberies in the central area of ​​the province.

It is believed that the band has been performing these acts since January of this year. Thanks to twelve complaints of those affected are the OIJ was able to find the suspects.

The detainees were taken to the cells of the OIJ in Puntarenas and then be questioned by the prosecution.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Barrance is one of the most dangerous areas near Esparza and downtown Punteranas. Crime , robbery, thief’s control the streets. The police are afraid as well especially at night. Then the judges will release whoever they capture. Soon home for breakfast to plan their next robbery. The police are shaking their collective heads as they risked their lives for the judge to let them go. Shameful!

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