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Ohio State Athletes Take Goodwill Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Joshua Perry has never been out of the United States, so it’s no surprise to learn that he had never owned a passport until recently. But starting today, he will need one.

Ohio_State_Buckeyes 1He and Ohio State football teammate Chase Farris, along with seven other players from the Buckeyes’ various sports programs, are headed to Costa Rica. They will be there for six days to take part in the “Soles 4 Souls” exercise, passing out shoes to needy youngsters while taking in the sights and culture of the country.

“It will be my first time going out of the country, and for it to be on a service trip is kind of fitting for what I like to do in my life,” Perry said. “I’m going to see some things I’ve never experienced before. It’s all about gaining new perspectives and hopefully changing somebody’s life.”

The Buckeyes will follow in the footsteps of several other schools that have taken part in the program. An OSU spokesman said the shoes of various types are donated by corporations and retailers from across the country, and the athletes also will pass out such things as crayons, pens and notebooks to children at various schools.

Joining Perry and Farris will be Lisa Blair (basketball), Dmitry Dolgov (swimming), Sam Jardine (hockey), Andrea Kacsits (volleyball), Alex LaMere (hockey), Chelsea Quinn (field hockey) and Bridget Skinner (soccer), along with three athletic department staff escorts.

Farris, who is expected to start at right tackle, already has earned his degree and took part in spring commencement on Sunday. He said the trips fits in with the philosophy of the football program and athletic department.

“We call it ‘paying it forward,’ and in this case helping the less fortunate, and more than that, going in person and taking the time to show people that we do care, that they are not alone,” Farris said.

Perry said he intends to step into Costa Rica with his eyes open.

“I want to learn about a culture that’s different from mine, see how things work day to day,” the senior linebacker said. “We’re going to be going on excursions, going through the jungle and things like that.

“Sometimes we get bogged down with football and everything we’re doing there, so it’s just nice to experience a different lifestyle.”

From By By Tim May,  The Columbus Dispatch 

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