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Offering $40 for Women in Costa Rica Can Get You Arrested

Costa Rica News – A man fell before the law for offering sexual services with women for ¢20,000.

He was arrested on Thursday for this repeated offense, according to information from the Judicial Investigation Agency.

A total of 20 women, all foreigners, were found in the premises searched. The detainee, Narvaez Gonzalez, age 43, was captured in the middle of two raids carried out in two premises, barrio Lujan and San Jose.

He did not have any prior criminal record.

During the raids, cash, computers and recording equipment were seized.

The investigation began months back, when confidential informants had indicated that the man was recruiting women in these premises. The authorities gathered information such as that the price was ¢13,000 for a half hour and ¢20,000 for an hour.

He kept about half of that money and the girls got the other half.

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