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Obama Ordering Gun Control Restrictions

Watching what is going on in the USA in regards to gun control is opening my eyes to whether or not rights in the in USA are actually being protected.  We are only about 2 months from the day Obama was re-elected and I see a the USA spiraling downwards.  

I think that people in the USA are kind of like Costa Rican when they think, as the saying is in Costa Rica, “the last coca cola in the desert.” or as they say in the USA, “they think their shit does not stink”. Well I can see the problems and the odor is seeping everywhere.

From the AP – President Barack Obama is asking Congress to expand background checks on gun buyers to include private sales and is using his executive authority to increase the information available in data banks in the background check system. The White House calls background checks the most efficient and effective way to keep guns away from dangerous individuals.

Obama wants Congress to close loopholes that permit private gun transactions to occur without background checks. The White House says nearly 40 percent of gun sales are conducted by private individuals now exempt from checking the backgrounds of buyers.

Obama is also ordering federal agencies to make “relevant data” available to the federal background check system and to remove barriers that might prevent states from providing information, particularly mental health data, for background checks.

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