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Obama Calls for Investing War Funds into the Middle Class

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, called yesterday to “rebuild America” ​​today reinvesting the funds for the war in the country’s middle class. This is one of the points that Obama will be focusing on as he begins his 2012 re-election campaign against Mitt Romney.

Before giving his speech in Ohio, which began hiscampaign, the White House released a video where the current president called on Congress to allocate investment to domestic growth.

“After ten years of war, it is time to refocus our efforts on rebuilding here at home,” said the candidate. A similar statement was applauded and shouted yesterday in Columbus Ohio, which is mainly Republican.

With the phrase “Forward”, the head of the White House sought to convince their supporters that they should continue in the pursuit of equality between classes and genders, which would be lost if the Republican candidate Mitt Romney took place in November .

“We are not here just to win an election, we are here together to continue building the America we believe in, and  to strengthen its middle class,” Obama said.

The tax cuts for the rich and budget cuts to social programs are two of the “dangers” that the president say will happen with the victory of his opponent.

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