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Not Reporting Alleged Sexual Abuse in Costa Rica? That’s Gonna Cost You

A Costa Rican woman is tried to extort a 79 year old man for money, saying “pay or be reported for sexual abuse”.

extortion-costa-ricaAccording to the prosecution, the man had a relationship with the woman but decided to end it in August. I guess this woman does not take breaking up very well.

According to the denucia against the woman, at the end of the relationship she said that she would report him for molesting her sister if he did not fork up some money.

The man did not want to have this accusation come in front of the authorities as in most cases in Costa Rica it is guilty until proven innocent.

The man agreed to give her close to $200 and then another payment of close to $100. But when she asked for a third payment this is when the man said enough.

As part of the investigation a sting operation was put in place, if you want to call it that. The man was to give marked bills to her in the exchange.

On Sept 7th after the denuncia was filed there has a raid on the woman’s house and the marked money was found. Which is surprising to me as normally when you give someone money in Costa Rica it is spent within about 2 hours or less.

After the proof from the raid the woman was given a restraining order to not come around the man’s house for 6 months.

Justice is served in Costa Rica……

The moral of the story, if you are extorting money from someone in Costa Rica, make sure you spend it right away.

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