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Not Everyone Loves the Palmares Festival in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – While there are many more people in favor of the Palmares festival than against it, those who complain have plenty of reasons to do so.

festival palmares costa rica 1We should remember that what becomes a temporary party ground is actually home for some families.

For this reason there is a group on Facebook that asks people not to come and heavily criticizes the event. I’m sure the event will continue nonetheless but perhaps we can all be a bit more conscientious of the effect on the residents.

Some residents like the opportunity to rent rooms, bathrooms, lots, sell meals, etc. but others say that their properties are turned into urinals and garbage dumps. Small children finding used condoms and syringes is not something that should be happening.

The parties generate an average of ¢1.300 billion to local families and businesses.

While economically productive, it is harmful to the community, creating sound and physical contamination.

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