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North Korea Missile Test Wednesday?

World News – At some point in time the leader of North Korea is actually going to do something and it is not going to be just a lot of words coming out of his mouth.  A missile launch is panned for Wednesday.  

North-Korea-missile-launchNorth Korea notified foreign diplomats from several countries of its plan to launch a missile over Japan toward the Pacific Ocean around Wednesday, the Sankei Shimbun reported citing informed sources.

The North on Friday urged foreign embassies to evacuate their missions in Pyongyang, saying it cannot guarantee the safety of staff.

South Korea believes the North may test a Mudusan-type missile with a range of 3,000 to 4,000 km as early as Tuesday, given that communication on the east coast has been on the increase.

No one believes Pyongyang. He is like the boy that cried wolf too may times and the town did not believe him when the wolf actually came.

I do not think their will be a test launch, when Pyongyang decides to act on this suicide mission he will launch as many as he can before his country is destroyed………but after damage of the strike the world will finally see he was not bluffing.

World War III will start with a bang.

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