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Normal Cops (Fuerza Publica) in Costa Rica Can Now Give Moving Violations

Costa Rica News – In the upcoming weeks a change will occur on Costa Rican roads. Normal police officers will be able to stop cars and give out fines.

transitos costa ricaThis responsibility will no longer fall solely on the traffic cops.

This new agreement was made between the Ministries of Public Security and Public Works and Transport. The purpose is to help fight serious behaviors like driving at high speeds, racing and drunk driving.

The police will not help in giving accident care or regulating traffic. The additional power and responsibility is given in order to attend to the need for at least 1,000 more traffic police to keep our roads safe.

39 municipalities have already trained the police to perform these tasks to help Costa Rica’s 763 traffic officers in monitoring 5,000 km of national roads and 42,000 km of cantonal ones. The long term goal is to have 14,000 officers do the course.

This will help ensure safety in the roads of Costa Rica but it also might be a way for them to increase the amount they make each month…… This change might also increase the chorizo (bribes). 

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