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“Nobody Nothing Never” & “Inheritances” Presented in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – “Nobody Nothing Never” and “Inheritances” will be presented Thursday July 28th at 6pm at the gallery Despacio which is found at the east end of Central Avenue. The admission to these showings is free.

costa rica culture artsTwo international artists are behind the works on exhibit. They explore the use of objects to question reality. It’s a must see due to the unique type of art being displayed.

Florence Jung, from France, recollected every copy of Don Quijote that he could find in Costa Rica to put in his exhibit.

It’s an index of all the copies of the book.

The theme is Quijote disappearing. He intends to break the colonial ghost of the language by creating this library where you can only read this text.

Thomas Moor is from Switzerland. His work discusses issues of hierarchy and power. He investigates and sheds light on an alternative interpretation of the world around us. His exhibition showcases cups collected from galleries around the world and plastic bubbles that were used to cover famous works.

He exposes glasses collected from famous galleries and filled with coins. The discussion is what do the coins represent.

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