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No Marchamo in Costa Rica Lose Your License Plates

Costa Rica News – 470 drivers started off the new year by losing their license plates and being fined. Not a good way to start 2015 but it was not surprise that there would be checks for this as there are every year. 

costa rica 2015 marchamoI guess for some the aguinaldo went to Christmas gifts and vacation instead of mandatory payments so they could continue driving. 

The issue is over not having paid their “marchamo.” On the news, the Traffic Police were seen pulling over nearly every car.

The 470 were just in the first two days of the year, but I’m sure others were caught since then. The fines were given during “routine operations” but these operations tend to intensify every January.

If a driver fails to pay his marchamo, the fine is ¢51,000 (about $100).

If he also failed to get a technical inspection, the amount doubles.

In order to get their plates back they have to pay the fines and go to Cosevi in La Uruca to claim them. If they drive without the plates the car can be confiscated.

Records show that by December 31st only 80% had paid for their marchamo, or right of movement.

That means quite a few more will likely get their license plates taken away and risk losing their car if they drive.

Is it worth having to fight the Uruca traffic and pay the $100, probably not, so if you have not paid Marchamo go out and get that done.

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