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No Longer a Need to Call Traffic Cops for Minor Accidents……in 2016

Costa Rica News – January 7th of 2016 will mark a whole new world out there on Costa Rican roads.

traffic cops costa ricaGone will be the days of hundreds of minor accidents blocking the roads for no reason, as this will no longer be required by law.

As things are now, it is illegal to move a car after an accident, even if there is no damage and everyone is fine. Next year the traffic police will not need to be called if the parties reconcile on their own.

As long as the cars are able to move, they should, beginning January 7th, be moved to the side of the road so traffic can pass. The parties can file a claim with their auto insurance carriers to repair minor damage.

Following the minor incident, drivers must fill out a Declaration of Minor Accident, which is available online. If anyone is hurt, this does not apply and the police must be called.

In the first half of this year traffic police attended on average one accident every seven minutes, and this law should minimize the figure greatly.

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