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No Hay Nadie Como Tu; Calle 13 Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – A few years back I was introduced to the group Calle 13 while going through a pregnancy with one of my friends.  The first thing that grabbed me were the beats and rhythms of the songs, you could not listen to them without getting into the music.  Then I started listening to the lyrics and watching the Youtube videos, I was hooked. The lyrics and videos for most of the songs are hilarious.  

Calle-13 1Calle 13 is coming back to perform in Costa Rica on May 17th and tickets are officially on sale now. They can be purchased for $30 at the Events Center in San Antonio de Belen. After March 1, the price will increase, to at least $40.

These pre-sale tickets are also available at Note that the only places authorized to sell Calle 13 tickets are branches of Grupo Mutual and Servimás, Bansbach music stores,  and the Wyndham and La Barbería Hotels in Santa Ana.

The concert was announced by Jogo Marketing and Productions in December. The details were confirmed on Monday, via the official Twitter profile of Rene Perez, a.k.a. Residente, the singer of this rap group.

During the December announcement, the producer stated that there is a possibility of more bands and a DJ joining the activity. We do not yet have any information about these possibilities or the opening act of the concert. It is expected that between 15,000 and 20,000 spectators will enjoy the event.

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