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No Communion for Divorcees in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – If you are planning on getting divorced you might not be able to get communion anymore. It will be interesting on how they enforce this.

communion costa rica divorcees 1The Catholic church is reluctant to give communion to those who have divorced and remarried.

Priests, however, are allowed to review each case and this norm may be changed in certain cases depending on the circumstances and who is at fault.

One couple that has been married for 18 years and even coordinates the family ministry of one church is still not able to receive communion because it is a second marriage.

The church firmly believes that marriage joins a couple forever.

Many couples in this situation wish things were different as they believe that receiving communion is a sacrament that would make them closer to God and to each other.

The church states that all couples are welcome to participate in other church activities.

Confession is another sacrament prohibited to the remarried. Those in this situation are encouraged to participate by reading the Bible, praying, transmitting the faith to their children, working with charities, and going to Holy Mass

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