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Nintendo Switch Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Tomorrow is the world premiere of Nintendo Switch.

The final price, after averaging the prices from various businesses that will bring it, is ¢280,000 for only the console and ¢320,000 if the package includes the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

This price is double what it costs in the US due to a 55% tax on video games entering the country.

There is also a 29% tax on the cartridge that contains the video game as well as the profit each store will make.

Still, many are waiting anxiously for the Japanese machine to reach them. Some have ordered it in advance. Others wait to see the elaborate displays adorning entertainment store windows.

Vertigo will give an Amiibo doll if the machine is bought in pre-sale. Pre-order is almost exhausted.

Super Mario Odyssey will arrive in late 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch will have a portable version.

If you have the chance it might be better if someone brings it to you from the USA in their luggage.

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