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Nicaragua Buying Gunboats For Its Waters

Costa Rica News – It seems Nicaragua is taking its claim to the maritime territories pretty seriously and it has Costa Rica a bit worried. What are they going to do if Nicaragua starts defending the waters that Costa Rica needs to provide the shark fins for China? This is a huge money maker for officials in government, they cannot have the country to the North take their honeypot can they?

proyectaThe purchase of six gunboats that Nicaragua is negotiating with Russia is quite a concern to the Government of Costa Rica as they would be used to patrol its seas and exclusive economic zone. When you take a money amker out of the hands of the Costa Rican government they get angry.

According to a publication of the New Journal of Nicaragua, the new frigates for the Nicaraguan Navy will be prepared in the Fair-Nevsky Shipyard inSt. Petersburg, and have a strong ability to attack in case of conflicts. Considering Costa Rica does not have an army and the idea of one paints a hilarious picture in my head, I guess they realize they have no way to make a claim on these waters.  (Just think of a group of Costa Ricans required to get into formation for the military at a certain time…..could they all think of different excuses for being late?)

The announcement of the construction of the frigates was on the website , the ships will be used for protection of territorial waters and an exclusive economic zone. They will also be used for military maritime operations.

The boats are built with the latest technology and are capable of firing a distance of between 4000 meters and 5000 meters, according to the data.

Nicaragua still has not answered the protest note sent by Costa Rica last July 22 about oil exploration in waters that Costa Rica says they have a claim to.

The neighboring seas claim is based on the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which resolved a dispute over the islands of San Andres and recognized Colombian sovereignty and also gave 75,000 km ² sea territory over to Nicaragua. So Costa Rica lost this territory to Nicaragua due to a dispute that has been resolved in international court, but now that Nicaragua is actually using and defending those waters Costa Rica is pissed.  It is like a little child that is not playing with a toy and then when another kid starts playing with it they want it back.

Besides modernizing its naval military equipment, Nicaraguans received $ 7.4 million from the Government of the United States. This money invested in military infrastructure and weapons purchases, as revealed

Costa Rica you lost these waters legally as determined by The Hague.  Nicaragua wants to start using these waters for themselves, you have no claim on them, get over it.  They are not going to start a war with you and you have no army.Perhaps you should focus on other problems in the country like the drug cartels setting up shop.

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