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Nicaragua Arming Itself, But For What?

Costa Rica News – Should Costa Rica worry about Nicaragua’s latest wish list?

nicaragua tanksNicaragua intends to purchase ships and helicopters from the United States and Russia. According to the president of the country, Daniel Ortega, this acquisition would be to modernize and strengthen its fleet.

A stronger fleet is needed, according to the president, to fight drug trafficking.

This was reported yesterday. The announcement explained that the approach is to work with countries that have the strength to support the fight against organized crime.

Russia is already committed to delivering ships but the president hopes for even more so they can sail 24 hours per day in the Caribbean, Pacific and Gulf of Fonseca. The gulf is shared with Honduras and El Salvador and more effort is needed to protect it from being a point of passage for gangs.

Russia also helps with helicopters and the president hopes that the US will facilitate this type of help to Nicaragua too.

US emissaries visited the country this year and Nicaragua explained the need and expects a positive response.

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