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Nicaragua Accuses Costa Rican of Leading Drug Trafficking Organization

Costa Rica News – A 55 year old Costa Rican named Castro is accused by Nicaragua of leading a drug trafficking organization.

drug trafficking costa ricaA total of 21 men are named in the indictment, including the 13 who were apprehended on Thursday after being found with 168 kilos of cocaine.

The capture happened along a road near the San Juan River. The rest of the suspects were charged even though they have not yet been found. Another of the leaders is also a Costa Rican. He is named Cardenas.

The crimes include organized crime, illegal transportation of narcotics worldwide, money laundering, illegal carrying of weapons and construction of tracks or landing sites. They had an airstrip on Cardenas’ property near the Nicaraguan border.

It is believed that the group organized the transportation of drugs from Colombia to the United States.

Nicaragua had asked for legal help regarding money laundering and drug trafficking back in 2013 but Costa Rica prohibits the extradition of nationals.

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