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NEXTG in Costa Rica; Millennials & Entrepreneurship

Costa Rica Events – The NEXTG event was this week.

nextg costa rica 1There were many entrepreneurial success stories told during the week.

The conference was organized by Forbes and La Nacion and was focused on millennials and entrepreneurship.

There were meetings to hear success stories from across Latin America as well as discuss the possibilities that exist in today’s business world to create a work space that this generation finds comfortable and can identify with.

The millennials are irreverent. They question everything and thus find solutions. They are the ones reinventing capitalism and the world. T

heir ways of working are non conventional yet successful. The technology of today helps millennials excel and leads to the world changing so fast.

Some common themes discussed included “the time to start is now” and “don’t give up once you try to get ahead with your idea.”

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