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New Route for Marijuana to Enter Costa Rica Found

Costa Rica News – Do you ever notice that it is normally the authorities on the other side of the Costa Rican border that are actually stopping the drug trade? Probable because once in Costa Rica most cartels members and drug traders feel safe.

costa rica marijuana 1Nicaraguan police have alerted Costa Rican authorities to the fact that there is a new land route being used to transfer compressed marijuana from Belize all the way to Costa Rica.

It seems that those leading this trade don’t want to be discovered from maritime controls which are now tighter from Jamaica to Limon, Costa Rica, so they are shipping the drugs to Belize instead.

On August 22, a Belizean man was stopped as he attempted to enter Costa Rica. He was hiding 55 kilos of marijuana in secret compartments of his vehicle. The 42 year old man was detained.

The Los Chiles border post was opened just this year mainly to combat drug trafficking along this route. Marijuana has been shipped into Costa Rica and cocaine has been trafficked from Costa Rica into Nicaragua. So far in the year 11.5 tons of cocaine and 5 tons of marijuana have been seized.

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