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New Marine Snake Found in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Golfo Dulce has apparently given life to a new marine snake. Researchers Mahmood Sasa and Alejandro Solorzano have been capturing the snake specimens both day and night.

They have followed the reptile for 5 years.

The particular characteristics, such as currents and temperature, found in the Golfo Dulce led to the isolation of a sea serpent to the point of giving birth to what is suspected to be a new species altogether.

It is all yellow and measures about 60 centimeters. It’s oceanic relative is two toned and 85 cm.

The bicolored ones are found in foam lines on the surface of the water but the yellow ones prefer clean waters and are not grouped like the others.

It is believed that there was a genetic isolation of individuals from the oceanic population who entered the gulf and followed their own evolutionary path.

They no longer needed the darker tone because that was meant to keep in heat in cold waters.

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