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New Jaco Beach Vacation Rental Service

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals – We have just arrived at the back end of the Christmas holidays but this is just the beginning of the Costa Rica high season for tourists arriving on its shores. Many vacation rental websites offer you the ability to get your house out there but it can cost you upwards of $100 plus a month depending on where you list it and with how many sites you list your Costa Rica vacation rental.

jaco-vacation-rentalThere is one thing that all of these sites lack….personalized service.  Yes they do give you a platform to help market your vacation rental on the internet, but do you feel like they are giving you the attention you need?

In Jaco and Hermosa, Bill Tincu has thrown his hat in the ring to change this and make the vacation rental client feel like they are getting the attention they rightfully deserve.  Someone to walk the potential renter through the entire process of renting your home.  His job is not just to get your property in front of potential renter’s eyes, but he will answer all of their questions about Costa Rica and specifically the Jaco and Hermosa area.

Putting your house on a website is just one part of the process of getting someone in your Costa Rican vacation rental.  Do you have the sales ability to differentiate your property from the 100’s of others in the area? Are you able to convince them why to choose your house or condominium?

Most of us do not have the time to spend to answer all the calls and emails to ensure a high rental occupancy….Bill has lived in Costa Rica for years now and knows the area like the back of his hand.

He is taking on between 5 and 10 new clients.  If you are interested contact him now to get the attention your property needs to keep it filled through high season and beyond.

You can email him at [email protected]


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